2023 European Innovative Teaching Award


The "Code is Loading" project, European Teaching Innovation Award 2023

The "Code is Loading" project, in which I3A researchers have participated, has won the European Award for Teaching Innovation 2023. This project has been coordinated by the Turkish Ministry of Education and has involved educational and research institutions from Italy, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Turkey and Spain. 

In "Code is Loading", a methodology for teaching programming languages has been developed, which is based on the development of an online platform that incorporates features of social networks.

Students and participants of the platform had the opportunity to hone their coding and programming skills through the use of various tools and software. They were able to showcase projects in a wide variety of programming languages, improve their foreign language communication skills, express themselves and share knowledge. In addition, they increased their awareness of their European citizenship, gained a deeper understanding of technology and its logic, and recognised their ability to control and interact with technology.



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