Instituto Regional de Investigación Científica Aplicada

he IRICA (Instituto Regional de Investigación Científica Aplicada) was initiated as a technological and scientific service to the Castillian-Manchega society. This service includes mainly the technical and personal infrastructure centred around the Faculty of Chemical Sciences in Ciudad Real.

Nowadays, IRICA homes a wide number of research group divided in different sections. The different sections focus on the study of materials, from macro to nano scale, the development of analytical methodologies, engineering of process based on sustainable chemistry and the technology and chemistry in foods.

The equipment placed at IRICA has been mainly obtained through European and regional (JCCM) funding and from different national programs of the Spanish Government. All the instrumentation is currently in used towards solving the different problems that the different research groups are met with in the scope of their research. The Instrumentation Unit is also available as technical service to other universities and companies.


   Ester Vázquez Fernández-Pacheco

   Ext.: 3501/3513


Direction Team
  • Maria Antonia Herrero Chamorro

         Organic Chemistry

         Ext: 6652


  • Elena Villaseñor Camacho

          Inorganic Chemistry

          Ext: 3493


  • Mohammed Zougagh Zariouh

          Analytical Chemistry

          Ext: 6654


  • Juan Antonio González

         Physics Department

          Ext: 3428


  • Maria Almudena Soriano Pérez

          Food Technology Department

          Ext: 3427


  • Carolina Gómez Turrillo

Ext.: 6810


Instrumentation Unit
  • Carlos Rivera Cabanillas

Instrumentation Service Manager

Ext.: 3503

  • Anselmo Acosta Echevarria

R+D+i Advisor

Ext.: 3430

  • Mónica Aineto Goñi

Instrumentation Service Technician

Ext.: 3072

  • Maria del Carmen Carrión Nuñez de Arenas

Instrumentation Service Technician

Ext.: 96335