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International agreements


he presence of the University of Castilla-La Mancha in society has experienced notable growth in recent years, with international relations being one of the main factors that have contributed to this increase. The signing of agreements is the main mechanism for the formalisation of commitments and general or specific intentions of mutual cooperation, in order to develop activities of common interest and benefit in a planned manner.

Erasmus+ Programmes
Inter-institutional agreements under the Erasmus+ Programme can be promoted:
At the request of UCLM staff or staff of an institution established in a Programme Country, who are carrying out a research, teaching or training stay in a foreign institution.
After receiving students on the basis of other agreements or internships, in which case, they will be promoted by the centre coordinators who will set out in the agreement the mobility flows, the duration of the stays and the areas of knowledge.
The ORIS and the Vice-rectorate for Internationalisation may promote the creation of an agreement or the extension of the areas of an existing agreement in agreement with the coordinator of the centre of the new area or areas of knowledge.

Agreement models

  1. Erasmus+ Agreement Model (PDF/WORD)


Contact: International Relations Office ori@uclm.es

Own Programmes

The Framework Agreement marks the beginning of the relationship between the University of Castilla-La Mancha and another national or international institution and its signature expresses the intention to establish a more or less lasting relationship with the other entity. The purpose of the framework agreement is to declare the intention of the signing institutions to collaborate jointly. Once a framework agreement has already been signed, the specific agreement specifies the type of collaboration to be developed between the two institutions.

Processing procedure and model agreements

  1. Processing procedure (Spanish) (PDF
  2. Abbreviated procedure (Spanish) (PDF / WORD)
  3. Model framework agreement with annex for student mobility (Spanish/English) (PDF / WORD)
  4. Specific Agreement (Spanish/English) (PDF/ WORD)
  5. Renewal agreement (Spanish) (PDF / WORD)
  6. Termination of agreement (Spanish) (PDF / WORD)


Search for signed agreements

Contact: Vice-rectorate for Internalisation Vic.Internacionalizacion@uclm.es

Signing of assistantship agreements

  • Model for assistantship signature (Spanish) (WORD)
  • Model for the signing of assistantship agreements (English) (WORD)