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ccording to the Ruling of 04/04/2016 of the University of Castilla-La Mancha on delegation of responsibilities of the Chancellor for different matters and institutions, the Vice-chancellor´s office for Culture, Sport and University Extension is entrusted with:

  • The responsibilities related to management of university and inter-university programmes for cultural cooperation, regionally, nationally and internationally, as well as signing agreements related to these responsibilities.
  • Responsibilities related to physical and sports activities and for improving the health and well-being of the whole university community.
  • Powers and responsibilities in the field of general programming of the Jose Saramango University Programme for Mature Students, summer courses and other university extension services, except for those which are specifically the responsibility of other vice-Chancellorships.
  • Powers and responsibilities regarding university publications and, specifically, approval and signing of joint publication agreements and publishing contracts signed by the university, as well as  minor contracts for university extension activities (concerts, musicals, plays and other cultural activities).
  • As many powers and responsibilities conferred to the Chancellor for official representation of the university before the authorities and before any type of person or public or private institution on the Cuenca campus and for signing agreements, if applicable, provided that due to the subject matter, authority for signing these agreements does not specifically lie with another university institution. However, in this case, the Vice-chancellor for Culture, Sport and University Extension may endorse these agreements provided there is a report in their favour from the authorized institution on the matter.
  • In general, as many powers conferred on the Chancellor in the field of culture and university extension by the legislation in force, the University Statutes and other regulations applicable.